The team at Cloud Empowerment have over  70 years of  experience, building, managing and delivering networks and  applications to  customers with large networks globally.  Our knowledge and experience in the corporate  and  in deploying  wifi networks  for the Oil and Gas Industry in rural Africa  has  taught us   how to effectively manage and support our clients in the empowerment world. 


Pat Montani


Pat has spent 40 years,  starting and growing technology companies, my first love is cycling and  wanting to help others,  started Bicycles for Humanity  www.bicycles-for-humanity.org that has since turned into a global grassroots movement  and delivered over 200 Bicycle Empowerment Centres to 13 African countries with a total of almost 165,000 bicycles.  Pat understood the  power and the value of Education,  Healthcare, opportunity  and Empowerment .  He  founded iEmpowerment to help the people of Karamoja and all of Africa take the next steps to a better life through the  deployment of technology.  Pat  was deeply moved by the  people of Karamoja, their determination  and desire for a better life for all.  With Paul no longer with us, it is my goal to continue to  help the people of the region move forward  

Pat is a Rotarian and has worked with hundreds of Rotary clubs across all of Africa on the deployment of innovation solutions in many areas.  

In 2017 Pat was awarded the Meritorious   Service   Medal by Canada for his contribution  to society and  helping  others.    

Contact 6049023452 Email pat@cloudempowerment.com

 Cell and WhatsApp 6049023452

Alfred Mhutoht


Alfred  Mhutoht, grew up and his family still lives in  Karenga, just outside the gates of Kidepo Valley National Park.  After high school, Alfred attended Markrere University in Kampala and received a degree in Computer Sciences and then a second degree in networks and network architecture.  

We are delighted to have Alfred as a partner with Giz and I to rollout this  incredible set of services.  Together we are very proud that Cloud Empowerment is a company started and  managed from Moroto, Karamoja, Uganda

More than  basic computer services, Alfred understands the power and the importance of technology and how it can positively impact lives and play a role in Karamoja, Leading Africa forward.  Our goal is to support and   continue to  help Karamoja based companies gain lift and  a better life for all.

Contact: Alfred alfred@cloudempowerment.com

Cell and WhatsApp +256774451082  



Kenneth Brew  has been building and managing wifi  networks  and providing local storage and access devices for the last 30 years in East Africa.  

Kennth, better now as Giz might be the  global expert in deployment of complex systems in very harsh environments where there is no power or  infrastructure of any type.

We are delighted to have  Giz as a key part of our team as we deploy the systems and services he has proven in the oil and gas industry to Empower the lives of ordinary people , creating opportunity for all.

Paul loved Karamoja, he loved helping the people of the region

Our friend  Paul is no longer with us, Karamoja.org and Cloud Empowerment  is  our legacy to Paul and  the land he loved most, Karamoja, Uganda.   Paul  just   went about  empowering people with little fanfare  and he did not like asking for help.  Paul, we will miss you, but  you will never be forgotten in your  home country of Uganda or in your special place, Karamoja.  It is  an honor to   be a part of growing a technology company  with  

a team born in Karamoja and  back    building  a global technology company.

Honoring Paul Sherwen

Velo News Article


This article does a terrific job of explaining who Paul Sherwen was and his impact on uganda, his  home country.

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Great article on Paul's life written by his friend Alastair about his life's a  bike mechanic with Paul

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Highlights and   interviews of Pauls Memorial in Manchester

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Paul Sherwen 1956 -2018

My Eulogy to my friend

I’m an emotional person to start with, the last few days of November 2018, have been really tough for me. Paul sherwen  is loved and will be missed by every single person in the cycling world, he and Phil Liggett are like family to tens of millions of us. I ride a bike and I am a cycling fan, but Paul Sherwencame into my life in a very different way and became one of my closest friends. I felt it important that I share with all of you the Paul Sherwen  I knew.

Back when I was starting Bicycles for Humanity, a mutual friend Steve Jennings introduced Paul and I. We met at the first Tour of California and when I shared with Paul I was on my way to Namibia with a container of bikes, Paul suggested I stop by and see him in Uganda. I could not believe my good fortune and to spend time with Paul in Africa, a dream come true for any cycling fan. I arrived, we jumped in his Landcrusier and then proceeded into the bush, where he began to share with me every piece of history, culture and wildlife about Uganda. We met chiefs and elders and he spoke multiple African languages and taught me how Africa works and the importance of skills development and empowering the people, not giving them a handout, but a hand up.

Paul is the real African Crocodile Dundee and I was lucky enough to learn the ways of Africa from a person who cared deeply for the people and his home country of Uganda. He and Phil Liggett liked what we were doing with bikes and they gave freely of their time, doing countless charity events to help build Bicycles for Humanity and thanks to their efforts, our movement grew to numerous chapters, we are still grassroots and have delivered over 160,000 bicycles to Africa and became the largest globally at providing the gift of mobility.

Paul grew up in Uganda, he moved there when he was 6, his father ran the fertilizer plant in Tororo and Paul would go to Karamoja, the NE part of the country, on Safari. He never forgot his roots there and when the wars were ending there and everyone was afraid to go there, Paul decided that we should send 5000 bicycles, train the people and as they settled into camps, provide mobility and to help the people move towards a better life. Karamoja was truly off the grid, no economy, no roads, nothing and when I first went there , I fell in love with the people, the people Paul loved. Ben Stiller had been there with Save the Children at the same time and Ben joined us to help get bikes to this region, which together we did.

Since that time, Paul Sherwen with the local people opened a safari lodge, www.kara-tunga.com , started the first Tour of Karamoja, www.tourofkaramoja.com which this year, became the largest cycling event in Ugandan history. I was lucky enough to be a part of this journey, of empowerment and helping an incredible people take the first steps to a better life and today, Paul is not only a legend there, but one of the most respected elders.

Paul’s attention to detail, to respect and honoring the traditions of the people, to creating programs that the people could carry forward and grow, allowing change and opportunity to come from within, honestly might be his greatest legacy. We all know Paul and Phil as the best there is in the cycling announcing game, but in all honesty and having been a part of the journey with him every step of the way, he was a giant in the world of making a difference and empowering a nation and it’s people one small step at a time.

I am emotional, I lost one of my dearest friends, just like in cycling, Paul’s base of friends and respect ran from the warrior or child in the bush right to the President and the First Lady of the country and thousands of people in between. One night Paul called and handed me the phone, the First Lady was on it, asking  for help in Karamoja and Paul was first to step up as he has been on countless occasions.

Paul never talked about this life, this life of service to a people and to a country and to a better Africa, he went about doing it and building the relationships that would benefit an entire country and its people.

I’ve had a blessed life, when my friend Paul Sherwen entered my life, and I was lucky enough to spend the last 15 years with him and to really understand him and his passion for a people and a country, my life and tens of thousands of others will be forever richer and the dent in the universe that Paul made will never be forgotten, not in the cycling world and certainly not in Uganda and in Karamoja, that little NE corner of Uganda that he has played a huge part on.

Paul Sherwen was  the real Crocodile Dundee, and to his African and Ugandan family, like his cycling family, he will never be forgotten. As I said before, I am emotional, Paul Sherwen  is much bigger than cycling and he has touched even more lives in Africa than in the cycling world. Few of us saw this side of Paul, so I felt it important to share a few stories of the Paul I loved and will miss terribly.  I believe the best way to honor Paul is to continue the work he believed in empowering people, giving them hope for a better life.  Paul loved Karamoja, he loved   taking people there and  we through Ride Karamoja will continue to honor Paul.

Goodbye, Paul.

Pat Montani

Join Paul and Ride Karamoja

It was  Paul's wish that everyone had a chance to visit the  place he loved, Karamoja. We invite everyone to join us at  this years third  Tour of Karamoja, or come and ride the region, or join our Warrior Trail Building program

Paul was a cyclist first and   bikes empower people as we learned  over 15 years of building Bicycles for Humanity.  

Work on our  mountain bike park has just started, the terrain is incredible and there are literally hundreds of miles of  mountains to explore to  expand the  trail network, with  trails for all levels.  We encourage you to come and volunteer,  design and build a trail with the local  people, ride the region and be a part of an incredible experience, while creating a lasting legacy in the mountain bike world.

Ride, explore, build trails, empower the people of the region and by doing this, we are  building a legacy that will last forever in memory of our friend  Paul Sherwen.

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