Cloud Empowerment Managed Services

Cloud Empowered Managed Platfrom

High speed wifi networks can now be delivered covering very large areas , very economically and with smart phone prices falling in the developing world, the infrastructure is there to create incredible change. With this technology being new to many communities, there is simply a lack of skills, resources, capital, applications , content and knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities local high speed networks can deliver. 

The Cloud Empowerment team has spent over 70 years delivering technology services globally, building managing and supporting networks, plus the security, skills and applications to drive many of the world’s largest networks. We have also delivered low cost technology solutions to thousands of communities in Africa and we have learned first hand what is needed and how it should be delivered. The Cloud Empowerment Platform is a NAS, Network Attatched Storage device with  a tremendous amount of processing power and applications packaged that can deliver all a remote community needs to empower  everyone  out of the box. For most communities , it is trial and error, at high cost learning what works and what does not work, for the Cloud Empowerment team,  this is our only business, configuring, deploying , managing and supporting NAS and Wireless network   devices that provide  specific  verticals, indigeneous and remote communities the greatest opportunity to take advantage of  technology to change lives and empower their people. Below are some of the key features of  the CE NAS , but there are many more that we can add and customize to meet your needs.

If you are an NGO, or  corporation and you are interested in deploying the Cloud Empowerment  NAS, for your own company, or as a value add to  your NGO or CSR project,  please  email us, we will also  customize  the solution and deliver it  as a private label service to you.


Cloud Empowerment Managed Services

Cloud Empowered Content

Delivery of streaming video for education , training and entertainment is impossible and incredible expensive over low speed cellular and satellite communications. With unlimited storage on the NAS, we have preloaded it with the best free content available on the  high speed internet. Now the entire Khan Academy video education library, the complete Hisperian Medical guides, Wikipedia, and hundreds of thousands of books, manuals, training programs , plus great skills development programming is available to all in your community. Best of all, it can be streamed for free to everyone or anyone with a computer, tablet or phone whenever they want it. With thousands of books in PDF format, think of it as a  virtual community library of learning.

The NAS also has a content management system allowing you to add whatever  content you want , or you can broadcast real time content if you wish to all within reach of your network.  Delivered with a web server on the NAS, all content can be searched, and viewed by anyone whenever they want and all at zero  cost. If you are interested in collecting photo’s, audio recordings or video of cultural events, locations and stories, to protect your heritage and culture for future generations, the content management system allows for everyone and anyone with a phone to play a role in gathering and telling the stories, and it is preserved for all to view whenever they want.  Our administrative system also keeps track of page views and number of users accessing  each section and these stats are provided to you as well.


Cloud Empowerment Managed Services

Cloud Empowered Communications

With  free wifi in place,  everyone can now have access to free communicaitons, no  sim card or data plan needed.  By downloading voice, messaging and  video apps from the CE NAS, everyone   within the wifi coverage area has free communications.  For  teams using our data collection apps, for  Community Health, Census, Agriculture, the environment etc.  communication on the wifi, saving a large amount on data  and usage plans . This is essential if communities   want to empower their people and move forward.


Cloud Empowerment Managed Services

Cloud Empowered Data Collection

In addition to content management, communications management, the CE NAS also comes preloaded with a SQL database and a set number of applications. This allows you to gather, health and medical records, census data, agriculture data. We have prebuilt some of the forms needed to drive this data collection and if you require additions to our basic forms or new ones, we can easily create the ones you need. The ability to gather  data,  store it in a database and then share it with members of your community, or with others globally provides you with tremendous advantage and opportunity on many levels. IF you run multiple CE NAS’s, than we can backup, sync and merge data if need be.

Best of all, we have thought about this  on a global scale and for every Country, Region, District or Community, no matter the content being collected, we can  backup,  sort and aggregate  the content at any level.  Templating and providing efficient Cause management is our  business. Best of all, multiple groups can use the platform and  each can still deliver shier own content  and collect their own respective data.


Cloud Empowerment Managed Services

Cloud Empowered Internet of Things

We all hear the term IOT, or Internet of Things. All this means is the ability to gather and store information from a wide arrangement of devices. The CE NAS has all of the software built in to manage any device across multiple operating systems and store the relevant information to be used locally or shipped globally. Popular devices that most communities use are, security camera’s, intrusion or alarm devices, water, air and soil monitoring and management devices. We can read the data from machinery, vehicles if need be, or whatever is important to you. The platform to do all the is there and is part of the CE Managed Platform set of services.


Cloud Empowerment Managed Services

Cloud Empowered Storage Backup and Search

Everyone in your community and on your network has documents that are important and need to be shared for a host of reasons. With most users on mobile devices, there might not be a lot of storage on the device and  limited skills to ensure data integrity and quality . The CE team recognizes and understands this and  we manage the NAS daily to ensure all data is safe and backed up. if you want to backup outside of your community on devices or clouds elsewhere we can provide that service as well.We have a powerful document search engine on board to ensure easy access to all  in a secure manner of the data needed.