Cloud Empowerment Benefits

Cloud Empowerment Benefits

With our goal of being the world’s best at delivering world class empowerment through a cloud model, locally and globally as a managed service the benefits to you are  many.  Templating and providing efficient Cause management is our  business, we do the heavy lifting allowing you to  focus on managing   what is important to you.

Cost Savings

By shifting  the delivery of video and other content from the internet to a device connected to your wifi network, the savings could easily be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus the quality of the streaming video is thousands of times better on high speed local network . Best of all, users are fced with no  monthly data costs to use the platform , or to share it with friends and family.

Smart phone pricing in the developing world is dropping to the point where we see great Android phones for less than $20. If these can be deployed locally and no sim card or cell operator , no data charges are needed,  your entire community can quickly move to this high speed state of the art network, all with no re-occuring usage charges. If users  need to go to the open internet to take a test, this can be done and managed to ensure no extra data charges are realized.

To deploy a solution like this, you would have to hire a tremendous number of specialists, network, hardware, application, design and coding engineers to just build the solution. You would then have to find a way to retain them, or if they leave,  manage the transition to another engineer or team. With so many disciplines and skills needed, you would then need a manager that could oversee every aspect of the program. For many taking a  program on like this could easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, and there is still no quarentee it would work or if you even choose the right architecture or equipment supplier. If that were not enough, what happens when your main person leaves, and being remote, you could lose your entire investment  in technology easily.

Even if you could get it operational, you would then have to create all of the training and support material needed for users and deliver it to them, plus put in place a  help desk to manage user needs. The CE team understand every piece of the puzzle, we have been managing projects like this for years and we believe the best way to help the poorest on earth gain access to a better life is to deliver a complete managed service that covers all that is needed, for one small monthly cost. In simple terms, we productized cause, allowing  you to  focus on the application at hand and not all the process.

Staying Current

The core content, IOT, training, database applications described are only a fraction of what the NAS and our applications are capable of delivering. We can do so much more and when you are ready to take on other areas, we are there to help.  With the CE  Hub and HEAT Platfrom as our only business, we are monitoring,  and learning from our expanding base of clients and this knowledge, plus our focus on their needs, allows us to stay current on technology, emerging trends and best use policies and procedures. 

For many especially in the training and skills development space, they have the  skills to create content, teach, oversee testing and accreditation, but they lack the skills to  scale their programs outside of the  traditional bricks and  mortar world, of   physical classrooms.   Our goal is to simply  help all gain scale, regionally, nationally and globally at a very low monthly price point and no added starr of capital is needed.


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