Cloud Empowerment

Cloud Empowerment Managed Services

Our world is deploying networks, applications and services to hundreds of the world’s largest companies, managing their most vital applications and networks for over 70 years. We have learned best practices in how to  manage thousands of customers on scale, with a clear focus on service , delivery , reliability and attention  to every detail for our corporate clients. If we can do it for the world’s largest and most sophisticated clients and for the oil and gas industry in East Africa, than why not provide the same level of service, detail and excellence for the world’s poorest communities who are taking the first step to a better life, through the deployment of high speed networks to connect to the internet for their community, refuge camp, organization or special needs.  Templating and providing efficient Cause management is our  business.

 What looks like an incredible challenge to you and your team to build, deploy and manage  all of the applications and opportunity high speed wifi brings to your community on a one off basis, to us, it is  an every day set of tasks managed the same way, across hundred and soon thousands of communities globally.   By applying process, template and cause we   focus on taking the 90% of the hard work  out of the equation for you, allowing you and your team to  manage   the  application or task at hand efficiently and at the lowest possible price point.

No matter the application or the content  , the process is the same, deployment of world  class networks and   CE platforms capable of managing all the key  applications, backup of all devices, ensuring uptime and security. Help desk and supporting users, while continually looking for best practice and the new apps and services  that communities need. Cloud Empowerment Managed Platforms is our only business, and our team is passionate about delivering you the same world class service that we provided to the world’s biggest corporate clients for the last 40 years.