Cloud Empowerment

Doing Business with Cloud Empowerment

Our goal is to deliver a complete service to you and your community quickly and effectively with little capital cost.  

Depending on the size of your network, and the number of users we have to select the right size NAS and storage to meet your needs. This cost ranges between $500 and $1500 depending on your  storage and performance needs and we can sell you the NAS. or CE Hub.

Once we know the Hub  needed and your network architecture we can either ship the device to you to install and we turn it up remotely or we can come out and install the device. If we have to travel, then  additional costs will be incurred.

Our team will preload all of the applications and content and we will support your team all for one small monthly charge , or on an annual contract. Depending on your network size and needs, this monthly charge for a complete managed service will range between $150 and about $350 a month, a fraction of what you would pay for any one person with no skills, you get it al for one small price.

If your interest or need is for one or 1000 Hubs across a community or an entire country, CE is  architected  and all support  services and process is in place today to manage it all for you and your team.

Our only business is deploying and managing Cloud Empowerment Managed Services Platforms. We also have deep knowledge, designing and deploying high speed wifi networks across all of East Africas and we are happy to give you a quote to design, build and manage your wireless network.

If you require  someone to manage all of your computers, remotely, ensuring everything is secure, up to date, we  can help you there and happy to provide you a quote for these services as well. 

Our service platform also allows government, NGO's and corporations to share the  CE Hub and network platform.