Karamoja.org Leading Africa Forward


When  I founded Bicycles for Humanity, Paul  Sherwen was immediately attracted to  our movement because it was grassroots, it was about empowerment and  it was about transferring skills to the people so that they  could create a better life for themselves.    The cycling world  knew Paul as a tough gritty rider and    the best cycling announcer along with his friend Phil Liggett.  Few knew that Paul loved Africa, he spent  a lifetime there, training, empowering and encouraging people to be the best they could be.  

Paul was a master  teacher, coach and  motivating others.  Karamoja was  Paul's special place, we had  with the local people built an  incredible base of  bike service and support centers. High tax's     to bring bikes in,  caused us to move to   delivering better healthcare and education   by taking the best content from the internet and moving it to a memory stick so that it could be shared locally over wifi or by copying it to a memory stick.

  Theo Vos, Florance Naduk's son  had started  a cultural tourism  business and guest house called Kara-Tunga.  Paul saw the potential to grow tourism in the region and he joined Theo and together they built a tented Safari Lodge in Moroto  that continues to grow to this day.  I'm a technology person by background and understood the power of cloud computing and   with Alfred, a Karamojong university graduate we created Cloud Empowerment, focused on providing better education, healthcare and opportunity for all.

  To Paul and I , it was just natural, it was what we did and we were amazed at how many NGO's and government organizations could not  get anything going, where we were having incredible success on many levels empowering local people.  As the developed world came to Karamoja, oil and mineral exploration had started and we were concerned that it was  important to help the people understand what was  about to happen and to provide the skills to ensure they could   survive and flourish.

 We created Karamoja.org with the simple goal of helping the people move forward following our Common Sense  Capacity Building model, with a tag line, Karamoja, Leading Africa Forward.   Paul is no longer with us, but an entire team is in place  all focused on the simple goal of together with the local people, having  Karamoja, Lead Africa Forward.  We encourage you to visit karamoja.org, if you want to join us and empower others, great, and together  helping the people of Karamoja not only survive,  but prosper in a new world, would be the best way to  fullfill   Paul's greatest dream as well as a living testament to his desire for change in a  region he loved.

Karamoja.org, believes strongly that local people must start business's and lead.  Theo Vos who's roots are in Karamoja has done an incredible job with kara-tunga.com and the Tourism School.  We are incredibly excited to have Alfred,   a young man born in Karamoja and now a key part of the cloud empowerment.com team as we move forward to empower   mullions across Africa and globally.

We encourage you to visit Karamoja,org, we hope you come to the region next year and bring all your friends and customers, you will not be  disappointed.


The Ride Karamoja Team