Karamoja Safari Camp

If you watch the   uncut summary of the  Tour of  Karamoja, you will learn that Paul, loved the bush and he loved  having the finest services to make your trip enjoyable.  Paul designed and implemented the new 7 tent Safari Camp, see karamojasafari.com  , with Theo Vos  in 6 weeks.  It's simply first class, the way Paul did everything. Great accommodations, hot showers, excellent food and terrain that is second  to none, the perfect place for your next cycling adventure. Right across the street, we have a new backpack hostel, ideal for   those visiting  on   a lower budget and for large groups to come and ride our incredible trail network.

Kara Tunga Karamoja Safari Lodge

Comfort in the Bush

When Paul and I brought the bike program to Karamoja, one of our first partners was Florence Naduk.  Florence  grew up in  Karamoja went to Tororo Girls School,   in Pauls town and  then to University in the Netherlands.  Florence was the first women from Karamoja to go to university.  Florence married in the Netherlands, had 3 children, was a teacher there and then came back to Karamoja at the request of the First Lady, who was trying to  kick start Karamoja. If was also the  First Lady that had asked Paul to   bring the bikes to the region.

Florence's son, Theo Vos, who  grew up in the Netherlands came home  in his mid 20's to  understand his mothers culture.  Theo was blown away, he stayed and started a small guest house, activity business  Kara-tunga , see kara-tunga.com 

Paul and I liked Theo, he had a great mind for how to use the internet to grow tourism and  we joined  Theo and together built the Karamoja Safari Camp  a tented camp, lodge in Karamoja that is world class. Paul designed,    managed all suppliers and  brought the program in on budget in less than 6 weeks. Pauls last days were spent, teaching the staff how to do their jobs better, plus tightening down the bolts on the new  shower faucets.

Paul loved the details of  safari,  of  camping in the bush, of being prepared and most important the ultimate safety and maximum pleasure of the guests. Like all things in life, Paul taught all  the staff well and with the leadership and guidance of  theo, the  Karamoja Safari Camp is a world class  venue and we invite  all to come and stay with  us in Karamoja.

 Theo  recognized  that  people will come for culture and the unique experience of life in Karamoja. Trips to cattle crawls ,  hikes to the top of Mt Moroto or nightie al local  village, have all been a hit with tourists.   We all knew that if  we could develop the mountain bike trails, map the  Nomadic Warrior  Trails that criss crossed the region, and  developed the   trails  for all levels, that the world would come and discover the beauty of Karamoja.  Please visit karamojasafari.com to find out more about this   incredible lodge that Paul built.


Friends of Karamoja