Incredible potential of Mt Moroto for Mountain Biking

Located a the base of Mt Moroto is our  Karamoja Safari Lodge,  This video shows  you  the scale of the mountain and it is  a part of a   range extending along the Ugandan, Kenyan border from Mt. Elgon through to the South Sudan. The yellow ridge lines  are foot trails in place today.  Everything else is your landscape  to allow you to build the trails you would like to lay down, name , ride and have your friends come and ride your trails.

Brief intro to Karamoja

Karamoja is one of the most beautiful places on earth, it's people make it a  very special to visit and to partner.   This   quick video will give you an overview of this incredible region.  We know it is  a place you willl love to explore, ride and build trails .  Where else can you have the  adventure of a lifetime and  create world firsts as a mountain biker.  Please  come visit us and join our   Warrior Trailbuilding Program.

Warrior Trailbuilding Program

 We knew when  we first got to Karamoja and delivered bicycles that it had the potential to be  a world class mountain biking destination.  An incredible mountain range for all kinds of trails and riding, , single track decent of more than 9,000 feet and  not  a bit of it has been ridden.

In the developed world, it is  impossible to go and just build a trail, there are   all kinds of red tape, approvals, engineering reports, site inspections  and sign off, plus it is incredible expensive, with many trails costing  hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Karamoja, there are no approvals required, government  welcomes you with open arms, they know  mountain biking  brings tourism and they  want local jobs that  can lead to a sustainable enterprise  to support the local community. The Warrior Trailbuilding Program is aimed at creating a win/win scenario, while giving you a chance to  do something incredible  and exciting.

You get  the adventure of a lifetime, staying  at our guest house and eating  and socializing from our safari lodge at the base of Mt  Moroto.   To cover our costs and to provide you a first class stay, we have a fee of $350 per month that includes your room and board.Ride the  network of trails we have in place, explore the   Warrior Trails that have been used for thousands of years and once you decide  your signature trail, we encourage you to build it.  Karamoja has no real economy other than tourism and the local people are keen to work.  For $150 per week, you get  all the tools you will need, a crew of 5  local trail builders and a  guide, interpreter who speaks  English to work with you and the crew to make it happen.  Once done, ride it,  GPS it, upload it to Trailforks and  best of all, you get to name it.

If you are a cycling club, mountain bike association, or a corporation, why not  send a team, sponsor a trailbuilding  project and name the trails.  We believe this is a great way to give back to the mountain biking world.

Imagine going  to  one of the world's   best new mountain bike region, riding and  laying out and building your own trails with the local people, all for less than $1,000 which includes your  room and board for a month, plus a crew of 6 people to work  with you for a month  to lay down your signature lines, ride and name them.  

Most people would pay multiple times that to   just be able to go and ride the region for a week, you get to be our guest at our incredible  Salafi Lodge and Guest House. You get to    meet and work  with an incredible people and  culture  and best of all, you get to do a first, build and name your own trail and you will l forever be a part of Karamojong  lore and history.

We encourage everyone to come join us and the Warrior Trail Building program and be a part of positive change  empowering   indigeneous communities with the gift of together with them building a world class mountain biking   facility and region. for more information, please contact

Warrior Trailbuilding Program

Warrior Trailbuilding Program PDF

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Trail Building and the Warrior Trail Network, History

World Class Biking plus incredible culture

For the last  7 years, Paul and I  kept looking at Mt Moroto and thinking that it  had the potential to be a world class mountain biking and gravel bike  area and destination.   Great trails, incredible culture and  the most beautiful  game park in Africa , Kidepo Valley national Park would attract a new generation of   people to come , explore and enjoy Africa in a new way.  While driving   through the region south of Moroto,  we  climbed onto a ridge and we knew, it was the perfect place for a camp and the  start of a trail network.  Paul sat in  the truck  enjoying the  vast spectacular scenery and I hiked  up to the top of Mt Moroto, exploring the potential of the region for mountain biking.  I knew we had found the   right terrain and Paul had found the  perfect camping place for the second  Tour of Karamoja and a  base camp that would inspire all, while becoming a  working and empowering legacy for the local Tepeth  people.

Paul is about doing things right,  being  professional, respecting and honoring the people, their culture and way of life.  The Tepeth, were not Karamojong, but members of the Teso tribe and as the  Karamojong expanded thier terrain in search of better pasture lands, they  forced the Tepeth to move up  into the mountains and  they only started to come back to the  lowlands once  peace came to the region.  More than any group in Uganda or Africa, they were the most marginalized and had  the least  opportunity to create a better life. It just so happens that their  lands were some of the very best for  mountain biking in all of Africa.

Once  we decided that  the  location was right, we began meetings with the chiefs, the elders and the local community members to explain  that we wanted to come and bring others to their lands to share it's beauty.  We did not want to take the land, mine it or cut the tree's, only to ride,  enjoy the beauty   and to pay them for the privilege .   We then talked about how it would create jobs for the people building trails, youth could develop the skills to guide and all riders entering the  area would pay a fee to the community.  The camp   we would  set up would  be managed by them, and again, we would pay and others that would come would pay for the privilege  to ride Tepeth and the   Warrior Trails.  

Paul was at his best, explaining,  telling stories in Swahili and his limited knowledge of Karamojong, it took a while, but the  elders and then the community finally understood, but  they remained confused, why we would   ride over the mountain when there was a perfectly good road around the bottom of the mountain. With having  built Bicycles for Humanity and experienced the power of mobility and the impact on rural communities, iEmpowerment and the   power of  education and healthcare delivered on phones and tablets, we knew that mountain biking and the spin off effects of trail building  and  tourism would  help empower a very marginalized  tribe and help them on the road to a better life. More than anything, this  was the most important thing to Paul,  to respect their culture and provide opportunity that   would empower them for generations to come.

With the  second Tour of Karamoja about to start, we thought it might be a good idea to   show up early, map out and  build   the trail network.  I asked a friend Steve Andrews from Whistler to come over and help me  lay out trails, teach the skills to build the trails and in 2 weeks,  create a  riding area everyone would be proud of.  We arrived,  with the locals we walked the trails,  we hired about 60 of them, they were incredible workers  and  the more  they saw us riding the  better they got at understanding how to build trials.  

The second tour was an incredible success, the local people loved being a part of the event. Watching  my friend Paul  Sherwen work with  everyone   from the chief down to the youth cutting the grass, watching  him train people, encourage them to be the best and acknowledge their efforts was one of the highlights of my life.  I have never seen Paul happier than   when  we had completed the   riding facility, the camp and everyone, community and riders shared  an incredible  never to be forgotten experience.

 To fund the  initial  trail build, we sold Tour of Karamoja jerseys and  the profit from every jersey paid a trail builder for a week.  To put things in perspective, we were paying $2.00 a day, a very big wage in this area, we needed about 60 people and over 400 showed up wanting to work.     Since  October, Steve and the local  team have started  a mountain  bike association, and the  Warrior Trailbuilding  Program will work closely with  this new montani bike association.

Who would have imagined, a world class indigenous mountain bike facility, in the middle of nowhere, with   a people and culture second to none and the world's best game park, Kidepo Valley  in the north of the region.  Riders are already coming from  all over the world to ride the region and we have  only just started.

We invite you to come , stay with us ,ride the region  and explore its beauty.  if you are inclined for the adventure of a lifetime, than we encourage you  and your friends to come, join our Warrior Trailbuilding Program and lay out a few   of your own signature world class lines that you can showcase and be proud of.

Paul and I believed that Karamoja would , Lead Africa Forward and  bringing  tourists and mountain bikers here, while exporting skills and  a model of grassroots empowerment  to all in Africa  I believe  it is a fitting tribute to Paul and a legacy all of us that love cycling can be proud of.


Grassroots Trail building empowering an entire region

Incredible terrain, start immediately and build your signature trail, or support the building of one. If you are interested in empowerment through trail building, please sign up here