The World's Biggest Indigenous Mountain Bike Playground

Mountain Bike Grassroots Empowerment

Every great journey begins with one small step.   A mountain range and a people marginalized, off the beaten path, the perfect place for a grand tour.

Hours from  nowhere, with incredible beauty,  why not build the world's  best mountain bike   riding area and bring the world to this incredible region.

When we  founded Bicycles  for Humanity ,Paul Sherwen and I  had no idea this grassroots movement would grow to become the largest globally, empowering hundreds of thousands with a better life thanks to the gift of mobility a  mountain bike  can provide. We encourage all bike shops to  share our story and invite their customers  to come ride, build trails  and enjoy the beauty of the region.

Mountain biking has grown the entire economy of countless towns and communities in Western Canada and the  United States, if it works here, than why not in Africa.

We have world class terrain, a   workforce eager to work and    wages in the region are $2.00 per day and  hundreds will show up to build  trails and learn the skills.

The region wants  to grow tourism and  government and all officials understand the  value of tourism and    bikes, plus there are no regulations or approvals to build trails.

If you are an aspiring   bike trail builder and you want to  put a signature trail on Trailforks for all globally to ride and appreciate, great,    we can  arrange all  for you in the region    and  help make it happen.

If you are a cycling club, mountain bike association and you want to leave a legacy, than build a trail, teach the skills to others and in doing so, put your dent in the  mountain biking world by empowering others.

If you are just a rider and   want to support trailbuilding as a way to   develop  an economy and help a people in need ,great,  we encourage you to purchase our fundraising products and share oratory with others globally.

If you are  a rider and  want   be  blown away and ride  the most beautiful place on earth,  with a  culture that lives like they did a thousand years ago and the world's most beautiful scenery and game parks, than  we invite you to come, ride and  enjoy Karamoja.  To find out more, please send me an email,


A taste of Trailbuilding in Karamoja

Will and Simon as we were building the trails, riding and  just enjoying the  region and it's beauty 

Goofing off at the base of Mt Moroto

A taste of the gravel bike trails in the region, there are thousands of miles of these trails in place already.

Paul Sherwen and his backyard for mountain biking, Karamoja