Why Cloud Empowerment, Powering the Developing World

Why Cloud Empowerment

The internet now reaches to almost every corner of the world, but if you are off the main fibre paths, in the developing word, it is delivered over satellite, radio or low speed cellular. For 60% of the world’s population it is financially out of reach and the people miss the benefits of better, education , training , healthcare and opportunity available that  higher speed, unlimited internet service delivers to many communities.  Cellular data charges for high speed   educaiton and training are very expensive   and slow  in rural areas. To help bridge this digital divide, we are seeing an explosion of community wifi networks being deployed across all of Africa and in remote indigeneous communities globally.  These communities can now connect to the internet, but still face the challenge of high cost, low bandwidth speeds and  the lack of technology skills and services to take advantage of the explosion of low cost mobile access devices, and the delivery of high speed local networking to their communities. 

 The Cloud Empowerment team understands the challenges faced by the poor and those living in remote communities and with the poorest having little money or technical skills, we have built a new model of empowerment and opportunity for  those marginalized by high bandwidth costs and slow network speeds. 

Our turnkey model of wireless network and servers all driven with solar power and applications, we believe is a template that all communities can use globally to empower their people, helping all to a better life.

 The Cloud Empowered NAS  "Network Addressable Storage"  can also be configured to meet the needs of vertical markets, on wifi or over the internet  in education, healthcare, agriculture, film and the arts , plus a host of other verticals.  Best of all, we think of development as a process and a product and all we do is  templated and repeatable  anywhere  globally and all is backed up and managed by our highly skilled team in karamoja.

If you are interested in  our Cloud Empowerment solution,  or  you are interested in having us build a state of the art Mesh Wifi network  or NAS Server for you, please write  to  pat@cloudempowerment.com  Content, Connection and  Collection vital  services thst change lives and empower all.


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The Telecom Dilema

Cellular Vrs Wireless

People confuse  wireless and cellular  all the  time.  The  mobile operator or carrier wants you to believe they are on in the same, but they are not.  Cellular service requires a SIM card and a data usage plan from  the  local  carrier and  the user pays for usage   based upon the amount of data used.  For many NGO's this presents a major problem, if you give phones to all your team,  pay for cellular service  for them, you have no idea  what  they use the data for and you end up  with a lot  of growing  usage bills and no way to control or manage costs.    Building services on a cellular platfrom   can be a recipe for disaster, as bills keep rising, making the  carrier happier and you not so happy.  Add to this, the cellular speeds are not fast enough to support true HD video and if  it did, costs would even be higher.

The team at Cloud Empowerment understand this and   being telecom specialists, we  built the CE NAS to run on wifi, not   the internet.  On wifi,   we have  very high speed,  perfect quality and no monthly or re-occuring costs.  Everyone can access all material and you can share learning and training with your entire community for free.  naturally, at times, your staff will need to reach the internet and we can manage this through one gateway, managing right down to where your staff can  go  or not go.  High  variable  cellular bills might be the greater t impediment to the deployment of technology to do good in the developing world.


In Memory of Paul Sherwen

Paul Sherwen was a dear friend of myself, Alfred and Giz, we dedicate Cloud Empowerment to  our friend Paul, who   grew up in Karamoja, loved the people and spent a great deal of time empowering them and  helping all to a better life.   Paul was a key part of the rollout of Bicycles for Humanity globally and iEmpowerment.org  When we brought 4500 biked to Karamoja after the wars, I knew that I   was home and  keen to help grow world class companies  in partnership with the  local people.  Paul, Theo Vos and I worked together to  help Theo grow Kara-tunga.com into a world class tourism business .  We started the Tour of Karamoja , see tourofkaramoja.com and this is now turning into  an exciting mountain bike adventure tour business in the region. Giz, Alfred and I  are all technology  specialists and we felt that the best way to  honour our friend was to build a world class technology service company in the heart of Karamoja that would sell services globally in our friends honor. Mountain biking is in our blood, we encourge you to visit the Ride Karamoja pages contained in this site.

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