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Why Cloud Empowerment, Powering the Developing World

Cloud Empowerment

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the global leaders in empowering  ordinary people to be the drivers of a new model of education , healthcare and opportunity for all. We believe that deep down every person wants to be inspired, to be a part of positive change and to know their efforts, no matter how small made a difference. If we all work together we can not only lift hundreds of millions out of poverty, but in doing so, save millions of people from a life of suffering and an early death. We have always believed that a bicycle and a smart phone are the game changers globally and that empowered individuals will inspire  all Governments, NGO’s and Corporations to join in and together we will make this world a better place. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has" Margaret Mead 

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called." ~ Buckminster Fuller ~


The Cloud Empowerment team have a deep background in building world class telecom and technology companies, while at the same time creating  global grassroots movements that have delivered over 285,000 bicycle to thousands of communities in Africa.  We believe that mobility created  by bicycles and smart phones, delivered by ordinary people working together to do extra-ordinary things is the key to a better life for all. Everyone understands the power of a bicycle and how a healthcare worker can visit 5 times the patients with a bicycle. With tens of millions of bikes being thrown away in the developed world, we mobilized grassroots teams to collect, fundraise, ship, train and support  teams in Africa empowering tens of thousands of  health workers. 

Bicycles for Humanity is the largest globally and continues to grow as a global grassroots movement providing the gift of mobility. Not a single cent has been spent on any overhead and we have no staff or support infrastructure. Key to our success was the idea that deep down everyone wants to make a difference, to inspire others and to create a better life for all. We just gave  people, a template and a focus allowing all to be part of an inspired world of good. As we delivered bicycles and built relationships with teams of people across over 3,000 communities in Africa, we began to realize the there were few books in schools, many teaches were not paid. More important, there were was very little health education, trained medical workers in any communities. In the developed world most people have access to high speed internet at very low costs and the internet became a terrific platform to educate, train and gather the data needed to support  education and health programs, but in Africa and all of the developing world, everyone lacked access to the right content and information. 

In the developing world, all everyone is  faced with 2 very big problems. 

First most mobile internet outside of major cities is low speed and cannot even support the delivery of streamed video. In many countries a Gig of internet data can cost up to $20 and when the average monthly income for a family is $80 , spending 25% of a families  income on a gig of internet data  for education and health training does not make economical sense. If a person has a smart phone, it is used sparingly for communication and vital Google searches, not for learning and training. As usage costs remained high, smart phones kept becoming increasingly powerful and the cost of phones kept coming down. Add to this, most organizations wanting to collect data used Apps connected to  internet databases and all users would now have to pay to send vital data. With over 5 billion phones and by 2021 the bulk being smart phones, with  75% penetration across much of the developing world, the smart phone like the bicycle  are the drivers of change in health, empowering more to be a part of the education process and together we can save tens of thousands of lives.

iEmpowerment  our first venture into this space, delivers 64 gig memory sticks loaded with great content thousands of hours of HD video material and valuable data collection tools. Today thousands of organizations use this valuable tool, including entire countries for health-care training. The memory stick cost $13 to produce, but to ship it in Africa  and to another community cost upwards of $25 each time and again, the people did not have the money to ship the sticks and scale the program, so it’s growth  globally was restricted by traditional mail and courier services.

The last 15 years building grassroots programs in Africa have taught us that ordinary people can create extra ordinary change and good flows in a thousand ways. High data costs and slow networks disadvantage all in the developing world and models that depend of high data costs and shipping costs do not scale efficiently and they make it incredible difficult for ordinary people who are inspired to do great things, here and in the developing world.  If we had not spent 15 years in Africa solving the problems of mobility and the incredible value of mobility on a bicycle and a smart phone we would not have been able to  understand the issues and create the Cloud Empowerment Platform.

With billions being spent on education, training healthcare and  with a push to train millions of new Community Health Workers we knew a new model was needed. Even after training the health workers, few were paid, there were few real incentives for them to do the job for nothing and so retention of trained workers was very low.  Bicycles for Humanity started to support community health workers with a bicycle and 65,000 received bikes as a result of our efforts. If we could do that, then why not  deliver a grassroots program that brought more into the  community health profession, lead to higher retention rates and more importantly helped save millions of lives annually, while empowering all to a better life. To many, this might sound like an impossible task, but to us with our knowledge of technology, networks and yes of grassroots success in Africa, it looked easy and we knew we could make it happen. 

Cloud Empowerment

To scale globally the team at Cloud Empowerment , knew that all content and data collection must be done off line with only very limited internet usage to get the CE program to an individual and a community leader. We knew that all data collection and data management must little or no internet data , allowing it to freely travel and be shared by all who are inspired to be a part of change in their community and if it needed to be shared with the outside world.

The CE Cumulous, Grass Roots Viral  Product can be delivered on IOS or Android phones globally and  data collection in the field is managed on Android devices. It is ideal for the delivery of up to a gig of  content in any subject matter and the full data collection platform and collection apps travels with it. We can send other content in separate folders. Imagine sending a data file to a person you met online, or researched and  found they desperately needed help and all you had to do was email them a file loaded with information and tools that would change their life forever, and they would be forever grateful for you help. Imagine the  lessons learned by your students, your children and those in your service club or online group, when they her that your act of kindness to send a file saved and hanged lives forever.  We know that if you feel good and inspired, and tell others, they can have the same positive experience. These were the lessons learned at Bicycles for Humanity and iEmpowerment and both organizations continue to grow to this day and they cost a lot of money to execute. Cloud Empowerment’s model cost zero and you and those receiving this gift will be forever changed and empowered. Free for all using the internet is our core service, but there are situations where more needs to be done.

CE Hub is an add on hardware component that when placed in a community can in addition to the Cumulous Viral Platform ,  stream HD video content for all , and the size of the wifi network determines it’s reach. It also acts as a local data collection and management platform. With the incredible  health video training available online, we believe a CE Hub should be placed at every teaching hospital, medical university and nursing and community health training centre globally.

Free focused health content and training material that travels with no internet needed from one inspired individual to the next between phones. Empowering all globally to be a part of a new model of healthcare, with the goal of saving millions of lives, is a project we know millions of  grassroots volunteers will get behind and grow. I’ve been doing this for 15 years as the founder of both Bicycles for Humanity and iEmpowerment and I can assure you, that the positive energy you and others working with you, will stay with you forever and you will email a Cloud Empowerment iChampion.

Free data collection servers and apps that travel for free and no internet needed to gather the data that again travels from one inspired individual to the next by their phones. Grassroots supporting  professional health specialists, workmen together as a global team we believe is the answer to improving healthcare and reducing mortality rates globally.

A totally free product with 100% support in place that empowers every person to be a part of change and creating a better life for those in need. Why not, we thought it was a pretty good goal to change education, healthcare an opportunity globally and to do it for free, with every inspired  person on earth with access to a smart phone, on a global scale.

If we lift the education , especially related to healthcare  and we build a real time medical record data base and management system, that can be shared locally and  using the internet from only one device to the world, we can save millions of lives , while improving life for all. We can also carry product information and training material for all the other great medical apps and products out there to the world.

Cloud Empowerment Cumulous Viral Getting Started Program

Just as we learned at Bicycles for Humanity and  iEmpowerment,  ordinary people working together can do extra ordinary things. If you, your school, university civic club like Rotary or your online interest group who are keen to make a difference and solve a global problem are interested in using our CE Cumulous Viral Platform , please send us an email,

We will load  up to a gig of key health content, ours and your own specialized content and place it in a folder with your name and logo prominently displayed on every pdf. We can also create multiple gig folders of different subject matters that can be delivered to all. Most smart phones have 16 gig of internal memory on them.

We will  take one of our generic health management collection apps related to your area and include that as well, again, with your logo on it as well.

In addition, all of our training and support material will be included in the folder and you are free to copy it and share it as many times as you want, hopefully millions of times encouraging all to share it again and again. 

If all we did was create thousands of  Cloud Empowerment Cumulous Viral Platforms programs branded to your volunteer organization and our team supporting you in getting great information and tools to tens of millions of users, improving the lives for all and inspiring volunteers to create real change and we never made a cent doing it, we will have already been incredibly successful and the good that flows globally is worth the cost of supporting all and keeping this program current. Helping all to live a better and healthier life while reducing mortality rates and the suffering of people dealing with curable diseases is our only goal.

The Business of Cloud Empowerment

Our passion is to help inspired volunteers and community champions create positive change, improve education , healthcare and opportunity for all globally, this single goal will never ever change, it is who we are.

For large  groups of volunteers that are inspired to create change, the program, content and data collection and support will always be free.

if you are a government, NGO, corporation or major donor, we are happy to add your content and private label the program, plus design a special data collection platform to meet your needs, all for a small one time fee. As a funded NGO, organization, our programs will help you greatly reduce cost and increase efficiencies for all. We believe it will also help you raise more money as the added efficiencies of our program , allow you to do more with less. As a corporation, the CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility aspect alone is worth millions. Imagine being able to deliver a turnkey health and education program globally for a very small price that not only creates positive change, but empowers your customers to be a part of change and then to be able to tell their story online, further extending your brand and value.

If you are a drug company, an organization with a great medical App or medical device and are looking to gain reach globally, than we are interested in partnering with you. We will create a folder for you with our health content and your own, plus all of your training and research data that you can freely give out to all globally. In addition, we will add your marketing and research, plus training material to our generic health program that is distributed globally, giving you and your organization far greater reach globally than you could ever imagine.

For customers requiring backup of their collection sites, or for clients that want to collect data on a wider scale , we can provide all services over the internet for a small fee, depending on your needs. We will also develop any API’s or interfaces you need to send data from our platform into your systems and data management programs.


Education and training is key to a better life for all globally. Inspired people just sharing great content freely is a game changer.  The ability to collect data real-time across a very wide subject matter field, coupled with an ability to database and use the date locally and globally  allows all access to the right information to make better decisions. As local community members build their skills in collecting  one type of data, they now have the skills and the tools to collect data for any subject matter and organization. Real time data collection in the hands of ordinary people on a global scale is a game changer for all  and a very powerful and economical tool for those mandated with helping  people improve their lives and health globally. for inspired  students, volunteers, civic club, church, and  specific interest groups, our platform inspires all to be agents of Change on a global scale.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has" Margaret Mead 

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called." ~ Buckminster Fuller ~



In Memory of Paul Sherwen

Paul Sherwen was a dear friend of myself, Alfred and Giz, we dedicate Cloud Empowerment to  our friend Paul, who   grew up in Karamoja, loved the people and spent a great deal of time empowering them and  helping all to a better life.   Paul was a key part of the rollout of Bicycles for Humanity globally and  When we brought 4500 biked to Karamoja after the wars, I knew that I   was home and  keen to help grow world class companies  in partnership with the  local people.  Paul, Theo Vos and I worked together to  help Theo grow into a world class tourism business .  We started the Tour of Karamoja , see and this is now turning into  an exciting mountain bike adventure tour business in the region. Giz, Alfred and I  are all technology  specialists and we felt that the best way to  honour our friend was to build a world class technology service company in the heart of Karamoja that would sell services globally in our friends honor. Mountain biking is in our blood, we encourge you to visit the Ride Karamoja pages contained in this site.